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Siddhartha Tubes Ltd., (CRM Division)
Village : Londhiya, A.B. Road,
Dist. Shajapur - 456 001 (M.P) INDIA
Phone : 91-7364-226606, 226663
Fax : 91-7364-226546
E-mail : crm@siddhart.com
Galvanised Plain & Corrugated Sheets and Coils
Applications Manufacturing process Range & Specifications
Galvanised steel sheets have wide applications. Some of the popular applications are elaborated below:
Construction Industrial Agriculture Domestic
Roofings, side walls claddings, partition panels, valley gutters, temporary sheds/offices. Ductings, Hoardings, Exhaust pipes, Containers, Rolling Shutters, Drawn parts & other applications. Agriculture Equipments,
Grain silos, Sprays, Ghamellas Pan, Cultivation Equipments.
Trunks, Almirah, Furnitures, ICEBoxes, House Hold Machines, Tubs.
The galvanized steels are mainly processed out of cold rolled coils, CR coils are passed through degreasing section to remove any surface impurities and dried back before entering in the radiant tube furnace for the surface preparation before galvanizing. Finally strip dipped in molten zinc tank and excess zinc wiped out through high-pressure air. Galvanized strip in the passed through chromic passivation to increase the life of zinc coating. The main features of lines to produce a good quality are as below :
  Continuous Annealing and Galvanizing
With "the radiant tube furnace" of the Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL), the company can supply material in different tempers as per need of the customers for full hard/semi-hard/soft and extra soft also. Siddhartha galvanized steel is processed by the technologically advance hot dip process where the entire operation is carried out on a computer controlled temperature. The use of zinc and antimony with high purity, proper pre-treatment of the substrate and the computer controlled process of galvanizing produces coils/sheets with perfect zinc coating which adds to the life and performance of the end product in the longer run and ensures prevention against rust and other defects in galvanization.
  Stretch Leveller and Skin Pass
The On-line stretch leveller and skin pass facility available with the Company is used to improve shape and to give perfect flatness to the product for catering to the typical need of certain consumers. In order to facilitate added protection from rust and for longer original surface luster, the product is finally given chemical treatment. The product is available in different surface finish, like bright, dull or Matt and spangles can be regular or minimum as required by the customers.
  Lock forming Quality
The Siddhartha galvanized sheets can be subjected to bending and forming without flaking off zinc. These sheets can be of drawing quality i.e. D/DD/EDD/lock forming quality to suit specific requirements.
Siddhartha has corrugation machines with different profile arrangements. Perfect and uniform corrugation can be carried out with depth and pitch as specified by the customers. Some of the standard types of corrugation are shown in fig.1. Unless otherwise specified both the edges of corrugated sheets shall remain in the same direction.
Thickness Of G.P.
MM B. Gauge
0.18 0.20 35 34
0.22 0.25 33 32
0.28 0.30 31 30
0.35 0.40 29 28
0.45 0.50 27 26
0.55 0.63 25 24
0.70 0.80 23 22
0.90 1.00 21 20
The Siddhartha "Diamond Brand" sheets are available in plain, corrugated and in coil form as well. The thickness range available is from 0.15mm to 1.6mm, width upto 1350 mm and length as required by the customers. These are robust, tough, bright, corrosion and crack proof, and lightweight manufactured equivalent to international standards gauge chart of GP sheets.
 MM 0.18 0.20 0.22 0.25 0.28 0.30 0.50 0.55 0.63 0.70 0.80 0.90 1.00
 B-Gauge 35 34 33 32 31 30 26 25 24 23 22 21 20
Siddhartha Diamond brand product generally conform to the IS 277/85 and Industrial standard G 3302-1987. Any other standard specified can also be met with close tolerances.
 Quality Control
The objective is to supply quality products manufactured as per international standard and specifications so as to satisfy and meet the requirements of its valued customers and as such stringent quality control measures are being adopted at every stage right from procurement of raw material till delivery of finished goods to the customers are concerned. The plant is equipped with computerized X-ray machines and provision for other quality checks at various stages for measuring thickness, zinc coating etc. The quality system conforms to ISO 9000 and ISO 9002 guidelines.
Each coil is wrapped with plastic sheets and completely covered by metal/galvanized sheets as sea worthy packing. Each coil is secured with three metal straps around the circumference and three through eye, ID & OD protector of coil. Coils are provided with ID sleeve to avoid collapse of coil.
The sheet bundles are packed on wooden crates with the help of metal straps adequate enough to with stand the rough handling during transport. The sheet bundles are packed in plastic sheets and metal cover as sea worthy packing and tied with wooden crates for proper storage and handling.
  • Store GP/GC Sheets in dry place free of dew and dampness.
  • During Storage, put wooden sleepers under the sheets as far as possible.
  • Provide waterproof covering for transportation and if any sheets are found wet on arrival, dry them immediately.
  • Handle material with care to avoid damage to edges, scratches or soiling on surface.
  • Use proper and suitable chemicals during fabrication to avoid erosion of Zinc.
  • While painting the sheets, use only weak alkali agent for degreasing. Rinse the sheet thoroughly before applying paint.
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